Haute couture clothing made by double processing

What is a double-face clothing?
The double-face clothing is produced in the more traditional way: all stages are still carried out manually by staff with a long and wise experience in the use of needle and thread. This characteristic makes the double garments very original and unique. Looking at the finish of a double-face clothing you will wonder where the seams are. And your question is understandable because actually we cannot see them. Such a result is achievable only through a great skill and the sartorial tradition that we have in our area allows us to produce genuine clothing, that are authentic works of art. It is not a coincidence that the double clothing has not suffered competition from de-localized production and nowadays it is perhaps the only remaining Italian know-how which have not been undersold. The true and irreplaceable “Made in Italy” has always been synonymous of craftsmanship and high quality that still resists.

Materials make the difference!
Coats and jackets in double garments are perfect, precious, original and they have great tailoring value. The materials used are mainly fine wool and cashmere of high quality and softness. In addition to fabrics, often the double-face clothing is further enriched by precious accessories...

Why should you wear a double-face clothing?
When you wear a double-face clothing, you will be impressed by the softness and lightness of the clothing. You will have the feeling of being enveloped with warmth and softness.

The precious fabrics and the particular processing technique contribute to the softness of the clothing and also allow you to have a perfectly finished garment, which has a truly outstanding fit in terms of style.

Who wears a double-face clothing?
Those who dress in an original way, looking for quality in materials and workmanship, who do not like to conform to a style mediocre and predictable. Men and women who wear double-face clothing love the comfort. They are dynamic people with their own style of dressing, which denotes awareness and love for beauty.

For fashion companies this kind of clothing is a source of great prestige and allow the brand to rise a notch up than the mass of brands flooding the market.

The double-face clothing is highly valued by foreign customers, especially in northern Europe (such as Germany, Russia, Norway, Sweden, etc.). They wear it as a real sartorial luxury that impresses for elegance and timeless style.

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