S-Coppola Marchigiana

ModaItaly presents you a new brand: “S-Coppola Marchigiana” of the company “Passagrilli Classe 1928” which has transformed the production of hats into their core business from over 70 years.

Passagrilli Classe 1928 is a company that belives in craftsmanship of the products. For this reason, the company is engaged in a continuous research in order to develop a product of avant-garde following also the trends of the moment. Passagrilli nowadays is focus mostly on the brand “S-Coppola Marchigiana”, which targets men and women looking for comfort as well as a touch of originality.

Ethics, respect and excellence are the pillars on which the “Passagrilli Classe 1928” philosophy was built as the transparency, fairness and credibility are key requirements for a perfect product, but also for a relationship based on professionalism (ModaItaly).

An history of Passion for artisan production as well as for the territory of Marche region. From the haute couture tradition arise the idea of sewing the “S-Coppola Marchigiana” hat.

A tailoring reinterpretation of the classic “coppola”, the flat cap typically worn in southern Italy starting from around the twentieth century.

It should be worn slightly tilted to one side and well planted on the back to keep the balanced proportions.

S-coppola “Mongolfiere”, symbol par excellence of the natural flight gently pushed by the strength of the wind. This hat is dedicated to all travel intended as projection of the soul…

S-coppola limited edition in Gobelin fabric made with a Jacquard loom. The warps and wefts of different colours produce detailed images with effects of relief creating a striking and resistant fabric. A cotton yarn is used during the production of this fabric, thinner for the warp and thicker for the weft. Dedicated to those who have the courage to get in the game. This hat is a unique item, number, certified and personalized with your name.

Curiosity: the name of the fabric is due to the manufacturing of the Gobelins, which from the XVII century started to produce spectacular tapestry in Paris. (Passagrilli Classe 1928)

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